Time (PST)



01:00-01:10 pm Opening Remarks Meng Jiang (ND)
01:10-01:50 pm Keynote 1: Towards Automatic Construction Theme-Specific Knowledge-Bases Assisted with Large Language Models Jiawei Han (UIUC)
01:50-02:30 pm Keynote 2: How Knowledgeable are LLMs? [Offline slides] Luna Dong (Meta)
02:30-02:45 pm Presentation 1: TouchUp-G: Improving Feature Representation through Graph-Centric Finetuning Jing Zhu et al.
02:45-03:00 pm Presentation 2: Automatic Question-Answer Generation for Long-Tail Knowledge Youngmin Kim et al.
03:00-03:30 pm 30-minute Poster Session and Coffee Break
03:30-04:10 pm Keynote 3: The Importance of "In the Moment" Knowledge: Contextualizing NLP Models with Time, Location and Weather Information Francesco Barbieri (Snap)
04:10-04:25 pm Presentation 3: PV2TEA: Patching Visual Modality to Textual-Established Product Attribute Extraction Hejie Cui et al.
04:25-04:40 pm Presentation 4: Decker: Double Check with Heterogeneous Knowledge for Commonsense Fact Verification Anni Zou et al.
04:40-05:00 pm Closing Remarks and Additional Poster Session